thermal Engineering    the global way



  • We are Technical Experts from the Thermal Power Plant field. The technical expertise available is world class and does the following jobs:
  • Thermal Power Plant consultancy/ Engineering Services is our focus and we handle Industrial Thermal Power Plants using various type of fuels such as fuel gas, liquid fuel, coal, bio mass etc.
  • We undertake jobs for improving efficiency of boilers, HRSGs, furnaces used for various applications, Power Plant consultancy. Power Plant cycle efficiency improvement, Selection of suitable Power production cycles. Air cooled/water cooled condensing cycles, back pressure, condensing or both type of turbines, high efficient boiler selection with proper excess air, flue gas temperature to chimney etc.
  • We are burner specialists for solving all type of fuel burning problems.
  • Detail study of existing systems, all auxiliaries and giving suggestions for reduction in fuel consumption and improving over all efficiency of the plant(Including electrical and instrumentation systems)
  • Improvement and up gradation of existing systems.
  • Reducing problems of various failures, increasing the reliability and availability of steam, reducing spare requirements, spare management, Reduction of cost of spares, outages of plants, loss of production of running plant.
  • Improving the efficiency of boilers, solving the carry over problems of steam thus reducing the turbine erosion and scale formation issues.
  • Complete feasibility study of projects, ROI calculations, implementation of projects, cost reduction of projects, construction and commissioning of projects
  • Erection and commissioning of boiler plants, Procurement, fabrication and supply of equipments, Services for boiler plant operation and maintenance.
  • Complete energy conservation study and solution providers in the field of energy conservation. Condensate recovery, using of waste steam, system designs.
  • Solution to fuel handling, ash handling and pollution issues all types of boilers and related equipments, including chimney.
  • Solution to deaerator and feed water system problems, corrosion problems of air heater and economizers, leakage issues of air heater.
  • Any other technical problems related with steam piping, feed water system, fuel-feeding system, boiler pressure parts, valves, fittings, insulation etc.
  • Power Plant consultancy. Power Plant cycle efficiency improvement, Selection of suitable Power production cycles.
  • Solving the problems of IBR related issues,
  • Problems of Heat Recovery Steam Generators and efficiency improvement of HRSGs and waste heat boilers.
  • Solution to burner problems, BMS related jobs, burner upgrades. Fuel firing issues.
  • Selection of suppliers, negotiation, quality checking/Inspection of materials.
  • Annual service contract, commissioning and construction supervision, project management, preparation of specifications and vendor co ordination.
  • Training of operation and maintenance staff.
  • Assistance for obtaining clearances from authorities. " Supply of materials at very short supply time period and attending the service calls for plant trouble-shooting work etc is done. " Supply of materials such as pressure parts, piping, headers, materials such as ducting, structures, dampers etc, Instrumentation and electrical systems. Materials are supplied in short delivery period with complete quality. " Boiler Plant erection and commissioning, annual shut down work etc is done by us. " We also do condition assessment of boiler plants


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    and many more clients.